Jigawa Governemnt Shuts Schools Over Security Concern

Jigawa Governemnt Shuts Schools Over Security Concern

Jigawa Governemnt Shuts Schools Over Security Concern


With only two days till the end of the school year, the Jigawa State government has ordered the immediate closure of all public schools in the state owing to security concern.

After receiving information on a probable attack on schools planned by suspected bandits, state governor Muhammad Badaru Abubakar issued the order.

As a result of the school closure, students’ placements and promotional tests have been disrupted.

When approached by the command spokeswoman, DSP Lawal Shisu, the commissioner of police, Mr Sale Tafida, responded, “We did not recommend for school closure.” In fact, no one approached us about it.”

Mr Lawan Yunusa Danzomo, the state commissioner for education, science, and technology, acknowledged that the schools were closed owing to security concerns.

“Of course, we closed schools based on intelligence reports of the security threat, and we are working with all necessary parties to safeguard the state’s present peace and stability,” he said.

“We have also directed the tertiary institution to boost security surveillance and work with the community and other stakeholders in order to gather information and take appropriate action against any potential attack or breach of state security.”

Of response to the school closures, Malam Imurana Malami Ibrahim, head of the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) in one of the schools, voiced dismay at the state government’s move, blaming the government of exposing their children and wards to greater danger.

“I’m disgusted in the administration,” he added, “how can you abruptly and late at night order the closing of the schools and send the children out without sufficient provisions on how the children will travel home safely?”

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